Asian Cam Girls: Masturbation Techniques

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At Asian Pussy the hottest Asian cam girls bare all and show off their beautiful bodies. These cam girls love to play and show you how they love to get off. Many of them do different things while masturbating. Asian cam girls from all over the world love to get attention and will often first come off as shy but before you know it will be doing something you have never seen or imagined before.

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One of the top masturbation techniques for Asian cam girls is the Flying V. Imagine a cute Asian cam girl slowly taking of their blouse and reveling her beautiful C cups. She tells you she wants to do a special show for you. You are excited and on the edge of your seat ready for what she will show you. She scoots off her mini skirt and does a little twirl so you can see her perfect shaped bootie. She slowly takes off her panties and has a beautiful shaven pussy. She takes her non-dominant hand and makes the letter “V” with her pointer and middle fingers. This hot Asian cam girl then spreads her legs and places the fingers making the letter V on opposite sides of her clit. She slowly squeezes them together a little and makes a little moaning noise. She takes her other hand and rubs her clit rigorously and then takes the V and slides the two fingers up and down until she cums hard! Wow!

You think she’s done but she’s only just begun. She reaches for her electric toothbrush and turns it on. She puts it near the camera so she knows you see it and hear it. She then shoves the end of the toothbrush deep into her pussy and she starts automatically shaking. The Asian cam girl found her G-spot. She cums even harder than the first time as she stares into the camera and opens her mouth in glee.

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